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I have been fortunate to experience the breadth of marketing roles at Unilever across brand building (activation) and brand development (innovation and communication development). This experience, coupled with an active research program, equip me to truly bring alive marketing theory and concepts in the classroom. Further, as a business school instructor, I endeavor to foster a sense of curiosity, initiative, and professionalism in my students — skills that I believe are required for them to succeed as business professionals.

In Fall 2016, I taught tutorials for Introduction to Marketing to two sections of 30 students each. My feedback score was 4.62 / 5, the highest among all graduate students across the Business School and I was awarded the "Excellent Graduate Student Teacher Award".

Anonymous feedback from one of my students accurately captures the mood of the class:


“Shilpa is a very humorous and enthusiastic tutor. She was able to capture the attention of the class with her interesting stories and real life examples, and provided us with various experiences and perspectives that were not shared during lectures. This could be due to her vast working experience at BP and Unilever. Personally, I had my doubts initially but they were quashed immediately after the first lesson. Shilpa's passion for marketing has led me to consider specialising in Marketing next year. Her enjoyable tutorials have also opened my mind to new perspectives in advertising and marketing.”

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